I live in Vidalia, GA. I’m not from here (I’m from Savannah, not so far away... but light years away in some ways). One of my best friends (my only friend, really) is a man who works at a local restaurant. This restaurant serves mexican food. He is here illegally. He is beloved, especially by the city PD. He was deported a few months ago. Now he’s back. Illegally. His roommate is a city PD.

This evening, after work, I took him to Walmart (the local mall). A few of his PD friends are out front, following a bust - shoplifting, local fav thing to do. My friend speaks to the first cop. Oh my! it’s his roommate. I am introduced, and cop seems like a really nice guy, except he says something to my bf that sits wrong with me...


“who you busting? let ‘em go,” says L, my friend.

“He might be mexican!” lol this cop :(

so we go shopping, and on our way out, another cop (who knows my friend, L, very well), “we gonna deport you!” hahahahahahahah!


Once we are in the car, L explains to me that they are all very nice. But I’ve heard exchanges like these a few times. I turn to L and say, “I don’t like the way they’re talking to you.”

L buries his face in his phone (Boost Moble), texting and tapping the screen furiously. “Donna, you no gone change the world.”


I know I’m not. But, fuck, this isn’t right. But what do I know. I am a minority in this town. To think that these exchanges are inappropriate! Ha! Im the type that must want to vote for Bernie Sanders..

God help me. I am drowning. I am avoided like the plague. I have few friends, no close friends. L doesn’t want me to say a word. He says I scare him. Maybe i am crazy... I feel crazy here.


I drop L off at the apartment he shares with the cop. Cop has scripts falling out of the cabinets. I look, because i am nosy by nature. I see three bottles for klonopin, and suddenly i feel like i need one of them. i turn my back on ‘em, for i am in recovery and “i ain’t going out like that’.

Cop’s puppy is in its cage, begging to be let out. It’s a fucking mini doberman and daushand (forgive me) mix. L says to leave it alone.


I leave. WTF, people, or am I the weird one? You cannot imagine what it’s like to live here. I have many many more stories. I am depressed a little, or maybe a lot. What The Fuck.

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