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On Monday, November 23, 2015, an unidentified female woman backed her mother’s car out of the garage and pulled out a water hose. Witnesses say she sprayed down the vehicle, which appeared to be very very muddy. At one point, the woman left the car and ran inside the house. When she came back outside, she was carrying a red plastic drinking “glass” (one witness who was at the scene said it contained “apple juice on ice”) and what looked like a cellular telephone. What happened next sealed the car’s fate. The woman put the glass and phone on the trunk of the car and went back to washing the car. As she scrubbed the rear driver’s side wheel, the trunk suddenly popped open and her juice and phone started sliding back towards the windshield. The woman rose from her crouched position next to the tire while putting her hand on the trunk lid, apparently to stop the sliding items from disaster. The glass had made it to the windshield and had settled into the gap between the open lid and windshield, which the woman didn’t appear to notice. So that when she started to close the trunk lid, the trapped plastic glass pit enough force on the windshield to cause both glasses to shatter. The woman later told witnesses that she didn’t care about the plastic glass or wasted apple juice as much as the windshield.


Immediately following the accident, the woman appeared to be stunned and looked like she “was about to puke or faint” (reports witness watching from his front porch across the street).

No word yet on the woman’s fate, though her mother seemed quite calm upon seeing her car.

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